Tiger and Fox is a small design and print studio based in Stamford, Lincolnshire. Creating fun, playful and bold prints for all ages.  

I’m Catherine, a designer, print maker and the creator behind Tiger and Fox – named after my two wild and fun girls. 

I’ve always had a love of illustration, bold colours and the print process. From colouring and drawings as a young girl to a career that has taken me from magazine design, working with big brands in a London agency, to working freelance with a range of not for profit organisations – I’ve always had a focus on print, colour, illustration and typography. 


Inspired by my two daughters, I create a range of paper goods focused on simple colour illustration and the idea of having fun with paper. From simple notecard designs, to bold greeting cards and playful paper crafts inspired by my childhood in the eighties. 

Using the tradional craft of letterpress, I hand print each design – one by one. I use a handful of different letterpress machines, including an Adana Desktop Press (a good starting press), Galley Press for proofing / wood type and an Arab Crown Folio, which takes centre stage in my print studio. 


Using polymer plates for most of my designs, each illustration is created digitially (with Adobe Illustrator) before being made into a polymer plate ready for printing.

Printing my designs by hand, using a lovingly restored Arab Crown Folio c.1900, ink is applied to the paper using a polymer plate. Each print involves composing a design into a metal chase, known as a form, which is locked into the bed of the press ready to be inked with the rollers and pressed against the paper to transfer the type / image. 


I love to have fun and experiment with ink colours and coloured card. My colour pallete includes black and flouro inks. I carefully pick specialist paper suppliers and sustainably made paper. I  also print in small batches to avoid waste. 

I hope to inspire imaginative play (for young and old) and also look to explore how paper crafts can help with learning through play.